Services firms are a daily startup

Being a startup founder is a challenge and the daily existence of being a founder is such that most are unprepared for the realities of it. I write about some of the principles of being a Founder in my book, The Founder’s Manual.

Running a services firm is much like the daily existence of a startup, except services firms can be viable sooner and longer than most startups. The viability part is good. The daily startup existence not so much.

The day in and day out existence of most services firms being similar to startups is because of the fragility in both. The leaders of services firms and startups go into each day with an expectation of how the day is going to go, but knowing at least some significant and unexpected things are going to happen which change the makeup of the day. Services firms and startups have fragility that requires flexibility. I write about convicted flexibility in The Founder’s Manual and it is just as applicable to most services firms as it for startups.

Services firms have to react and adjust to a myriad of issues every day with some being in areas a services firm can expect but still have to figure out how to handle. Here are a couple of key areas that services firms can expect daily issues that require flexibility of approach man quick decision making:

I frequently say that starting a services is easy and running one is hard. It is hard because of how fluid things can be for services firms day to day, let alone month to month or quarter to quarter. The leaders of services firms arrive every day to a new and different set of challenges. The best they can hope for is the challenges are ones they have experienced before and have an idea about how to go about solving them. Experienced services firms leaders expect the daily problems and have the confidence and experience to deal with the problems head on even evolving to the point if expecting the unexpected.

Operating a successful and growing services services firm is like, and I think even more challenging than being the founder of a startup. At least a startup is on a course to become a more stable and predictable entity with less daily uncertainty. Services firms have to expect and live with a high degree of uncertainty every day. It is also what makes running services firms interesting and somewhat fun.

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