When Representation and Generalisation Can Go Wrong While Building Products

User personas have let us down. Personas represent users, which isn’t inherently bad, but it isn’t great either. Representation, which is what personas are, can be dangerous.

Representation waters things down and generalizes perspectives into more manageable groups for us to think about, strategize around, and act on. …

Strategy before everything. Before structure, before process, and before product.

No function inside of a company can excel without a sound company strategy. Product is no different. I believe product is more impacted by a company’s overall strategy now than other functions. Why? Product now steers the ship for most new companies and likely should for established companies. With the…

It would be easy for me to just write the antithesis of the previous relationship amateurs’ post, but that would do a disservice to relationship professionals.

Relationship professionals are heroes in their own right, and they are who romance movies, books, and plays are based on. …

This post is divergent for me. It’s not about creating digital products, business, or leadership. It is about personal relationship skills. I should not be giving anyone advice about being in a relationship seeing how I am divorced and single. This post is less advice than experiential and observational, though.

How much of a product’s success or failure should product managers be held accountable for?

Outcomes are what is being valued for product management but does the buck stop at product managers for the outcomes being achieved? If not product managers, then who?

If we are going to hold product managers responsible for a product’s successful outcome, shouldn’t part of their compensation be tied to…

Ryan Frederick

technologist | speaker | author

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